HHG-80 Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine



The machine is new and further improvement model on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad, it is integrated high-tech product in the field of machine, electricity, gas and light.This machine is suitable for cartoning packaging of medicine pack, hose, bottle, oral liquid, ointment, toothpaste and other daily necessities, cosmetics and similar goods, continuous cartoning can be achieved,the machine can automatically complete manual folding, paper box opening, goods cartoning, batch number printing, paper tongue sealing of double ends and other work.The machine can be used alone, and it also can be connected with blister packaging machine and other equipment for forming production line(Hot melt adhesive machine can be equipped).

■PLC automatic control, variable frequency speed regulation, electrical components are internationally renowned brands
■Man-machine interface operating system is equipped,
■Machine conduct continuously mechanical pushing can cartoning, there is coordinated, stable and reliable action for implemented parts.
■Cartoning speed and finished products counting could be automtically displayed.
■Missing, elimination and other function of material and operating manual can be automatically inspected, cartoning could automatically stop if there is no material or operating manual.
■The overload protection of main drive conduct photoelectric monitoring action of various parts,
machine can automatically shutdown and display reason if there is abnormal operation, thus, failure can be timely eliminated.

Main technical parameters: