HHZ-80/120C Multifunction Automatic Cartoning Machine


The product is suitable for cartoning and packaging of thermometer, ball point pen, pencil, crayon, watercolor pen, etc.Goods feeding, finished product counting, carton molding,goods cartoning, paper tongue sealing of double ends and other work can be automatically finished.The machine can be used alone, and it also can be connected with other equipment for forming production line.

■PLC automatic control, variable frequency speed regulation, electrical components are internationally renowned brands.
■Man-machine interface operating system is equipped.
■The overload protection of main drive can automatically display failure cause,cartoning speed and finished product counting.
■Missing, elimination and other function of material and operating manual can be automatically inspected.
■Cartoning could automatically stop if there is no blade
■There is stable performance and simple operation, it is easy to understand.

Main technical parameters: